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Dog waits at hospital for months after owner dies of Covid

Dog waits at hospital for months after owner dies of Covid dog-sad
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Dog owners will all attest to their pup’s loyalty but the heart-breaking tale of the little pooch who waited three months outside his owner’s hospital has broken our hearts.

By Natasha James

Published on the 28/05/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28


A seven-year-old mixed-breed dog has waited patiently outside Wuhan Taikang Hospital in China for his owner, not realising that his owner sadly passed away months earlier.

When the elderly owner was admitted to hospital with Covid-19, his loyal pup accompanied him and sat patiently in the lobby, waiting for him to get better so that they could go home.

A loyal pup

Sadly, just five days later, the man passed away from the killer disease, but the hospital staff couldn't persuade the loyal pup (who they’ve named Xiao Bao or “Little Treasure”) to leave.

Unaware that his owner won’t be returning, little Xiao Bao has waited doggedly outside the hospital, even making the long return journey after a hospital worker attempted to take him far from the hospital in order to rehome him.

A friend in need

Hospital shopkeeper, Mrs Wu, befriended the pup and has been feeding him since he began waiting all those months ago.

Patients and visitors expressed concern for the dog that would wander around the hospital looking for his owner and staff realised something needed to be done.

The hunt for a forever home

Eventually, hospital nurses contacted Wuhan Small Animal Protection who have now taken the dog in and are looking for his new forever home.

We hope that this little dog finds happiness with a new family and doesn’t make his way back to the hospital as soon as he has a chance.

All the best Little Treasure.


Loyal Dog Waits At a Wuhan Hospital For Three Months After His Owner Dies From Coronavirus A deceased covid-19 victim's...

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