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Couple fight lockdown boredom by creating a feline art gallery for their cat

We are very amused! And each little homespun remedy for the lockdown blues makes our strange new world ever easier to bear. We’re in this together! And that includes our pets!

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/05/2020, 14:00

Jake Lambert and Jessica Atkins own Richard Parker, a three-year-old cat. Richard hurt his paw recently and so is housebound; doubly frustrating if you are a cat that has already had its movements restricted due to C-19.

Earlier this month Mr Lambert and Ms Atkins came up with a plan to steer Richard away from boredom. They decided to create a feline art gallery.

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Lambert told The Metro, “Richard Parker isn’t currently allowed out because he injured his foot. He seemed bored and so were we.

“We thought we could all do with some entertainment. All cats require a lot of stimulation, and we thought he might enjoy taking in some culture.”

An art gallery like no other

Wasting no time the couple set to work to create an in-house gallery.

The finished gallery features 11 paintings, many with a feline theme or featuring a cat. There are also signs dotted around that warn against flash photography and the ban on eating and drinking in the vicinity of the art work!