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Man’s good deed ends up in breach of the law

Montage of fox cub dog-wow
© marcy_com - Twitter

It was an innocent mistake. A Japanese fellow came close to falling foul of the law after scooping up what he thought was a stray puppy. Read on to learn his extraordinary tale.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Tsukigata, Japan. Marcy made his way through the busy city streets. He had much on his mind, but as he turned a corner there was suddenly just one thing that bothered him: a stray dog, abandoned and lonely.

Marcy picked up the little being with every intention to nurse it back to health. If no-one claimed it he may even be able to keep it for himself.

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He returned home and hit the socials, explaining his predicament and cooing over the most adorable dog in Japan. But as comments and messages flooded in from well wishers, several voices above the melee claimed Marcy had made a mistake.

That’s no dog!

Some onlookers suggested Marcy’s homeless dog was in fact a fox.

His new friend in tow, Marcy took his 'dog' to a local vet in order that he could be certain of the species of animal he cradled in his arms.

After a thorough examination of the being, the vet confirmed what Marcy had dreaded. It was a Kitsune: a common urban fox.

Marcy would have loved to keep the fox as a pet (who wouldn’t?), but in Japan it is illegal to house a fox in a domestic setting.

After a few days, Marcy reluctantly took the fox to a special vulpine shelter.