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Bulldog gets his happy ending after more than a 1,000 days at shelter

Bentley's patience finally paid off! dog-happy
© bentleyfromphilly - Instagram

A handsome Bulldog who felt like the loneliest pooch in the world has finally found his forever home after spending more than a 1,000 days in an animal rescue shelter!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Bentley the Bulldog arrived at the SPCA rescue centre in Pennsylvania, USA, way back in 2016.

Bentley was shy and nervous

The poor pooch was shy and withdrawn and had probably experienced years of abuse and neglect. But as the weeks passed, he realised that these new humans only wanted the best for him. After that, the real Bentley started to emerge. He was playful and sweet - all he needed now was a family to love.

So when Bentley went up for adoption, his rescuers were sure he'd find a home in no time. But fast forward almost three years, and Bentley was still at the shelter.

So the folks at the SPCA centre got creative. They made giant cardboard cutouts of Bentley and placed them all around the shelter. They also posted pics of his handsome face on social media every Tuesday.


Guys, I'm tired of celebrating my birthdays at the PSPCA. I'm turning 7 on June 19 (I was here for my 5th and 6th...

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Bentley even got his own hashtag - #TuesdayswithBentley. Then, just a few weeks before his three-year anniversary at the shelter, Bentley got what he'd always deserved - a loving family!

Bentley's best life!

And there was an extra surprise waiting at home for Bentley - a doggy sister called Butters!

The pair enjoy walkies, stealing each other's treats, and snuggles.

Doug is Bentley's new dog dad. He said:

"You can tell. Bently has found his place!"