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Adorable moment pup hugs long-lost sister from the same litter

Adorable moment pup hugs long-lost sister from the same litter dog-wow
© Libpincher - Twitter

If you’ve been more than a tad emotional since lockdown life began then you may want to avert your eyes… this heart-warming tale has had us all shedding a tear or two.

By Natasha James

Published on the 24/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Libby Pincher from County Durham took to Twitter to share the pic that her dad had sent her.

It seems that his pal Dave had been walking his black miniature Poodle when they came across a dog of the same size, breed and age but with pure white fur. No doubt expecting the dogs to play, Dave walked on but was shocked when his pup did something he’d never done before.

A very happy surprise

The two dogs stood on their hind legs and hugged. They wrapped their front paws around each other and nuzzled into each other’s fur.

A little chat with the other dog owner revealed that the two pups were actually littermates who hadn’t seen each other since they were pups.

Mates for life

It seems that puppies who are separated at a slightly older age may well recognise their littermates for life.

Libby shared the pic on social media and unsurprisingly the post has proved a huge hit. Maybe it’s because we can’t hug our friends and family right now, maybe it’s the look of love on the dogs' faces…whatever it is, we’re absolutely smitten.

We haven’t had any follow-ups on the two dogs but we truly hope that the owners agree to meet up regularly so the little brother and sister duo can meet and play.

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