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Six posts that prove life will never be the same once you get a pet

two kittens play behind curtain dog-cat-happy
© Le-Poussin-Jaune - reddit

Contemplating adding a four-legged friend to the family? Here are six reasons why a pet will turn your life upside down (in the absolute best possible way)!

By Natasha James

Published on the 25/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28


1. Car journeys are about to get a whole lot more fun

Tired of long and boring car journeys to visit your relatives? Don’t worry, your new pooch is about to change that!

2. You might struggle to get close to the heater

Do you love cosying up next to the fire or radiator on cold nights? You may have a bit of a fight on your hands from now on but they do provide their own warmth - if you can wrestle them onto your lap, that is.

3. Forgetting to change the bin isn’t an option…

Are you the sort of person who just flattens down the rubbish rather than taking the bins out? Yeah, you might want to rethink that from now on…

4. You’ll never fail to be surprised

We couldn’t tell you quite what’s happening in this pic but we can tell you, you’re in for a whole lot of unusual sights now you have a pet in the house.

5. You can forget about lazy days indoors

Oh, thought you’d stay in and not leave the house all day? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen we’re afraid.

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6. But you can expect to laugh every.single.day

We’ll give it 24 hours with your new furry friend before you know precisely what we’re talking about. We love our pets!