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Kate Middleton's brother launches a range of super-healthy dog food

The new dog food range is a 100% organic dog-happy
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James Middleton, brother to the Duchess of Cambridge, has set up a company dedicated to canine happiness, and its first product is a brand of super-healthy dog food.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 20/05/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28


Middleton is what you'd call a super-dog dad. He looks after a gang of NINE fur babies and has just started a new venture to help all dogs live happy, healthier lives.

Our dogs deserve the best

The company, Ella and Co, is starting with a range of freeze-dried raw food packed with vitamins and minerals. The 100% organic dog food contains everything a pooch needs for a balanced diet. Ingredients include chicken, cranberries, carrots, and essential fish oil.


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Speaking to the Daily Mail, James said:

"Dogs give us so much, and feeding them the healthiest diet is the best way to give back to them."


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James named the company after his Springer Spaniel Ella.

Ella was always there for James

In 2019, James spoke about his struggle with depression, stating that Ella was one of the things that kept him going during the toughest times.

He also took part in the Kennel Club "Unsung Dog Hero Awards." The Kennel Club asked people to nominate dogs who had helped transform the lives of their owners - just like Ella did for James.

The eventual winners included Jovi,  a Cocker Spaniel who helped his owner recover from depression, and hospital therapy dog Leo. He's helped comfort over 10,000 critically ill children and their families.