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Marley, the cat with a Monday morning face, has taken over the internet

Ginger and white cat looking grumpy cat-happy
© marleykatz - Instagram

Hate Mondays? Well, you can now share your Monday blues with Marley, the ginger and white cat that the internet is calling, ‘the cat with a Monday Morning face’.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Sometimes there’s a cat that will grab the internet’s heart. It might be because they have an incredible rescue story, they are obsessed with bananas or just that they have a grumpy face.

Meet Marley

This is the case with Marley. While there’s no doubt little Marley is a beautiful ginger and white moggy, he also has a face that displays a permanent grumpy-looking expression.

While Marley may be a very happy cat on the inside, his unfortunate expression has made him looking very stern and serious.

But it’s thanks to his grumpy face that he has won the hearts of the internet. Since his owners set up an Instagram page for Marley, he has attracted an incredible 68.3k followers. 

Monday face

Photos of Marley looking grumpy have been liked and shared across social media, with his grumpy expression winning him the title of ‘cat born with a Monday face’.

Marley has to share the limelight (and his IG account) with his feline sibling, Sherman Katz. Another ginger and white moggy, Sherman Katz may not look like he has a case of the grumps like Marley, but he does seem to permanently be crossed eyed, which makes the little cat look rather surprised all the time!

We think both cats are gorgeous in their own way!

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