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These cardboard cat tanks are destroying lockdown boredom

Every kitty needs a cat tank cat-wow
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Lockdown is forcing everyone to come up with creative new ways of staying entertained. And among kitty owning craft makers, the latest craze is cardboard cat tanks!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 16/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Cats are well-known for their love of cardboard boxes. They're the perfect hiding spot for launching a surprise attack on the family pooch.

The pooch never saw it coming

And it was this eternal conflict between dog and cat that inspired one little girl to turn her cat's favourite cardboard box into a tank.

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Speaking to My Modern Met, the girl's mum said:

"She was inspired to create her cat tank because Grizzly (our cat) and Wolfie (our German Shepherd) are not on the best of terms. So she decided to create a tank for Grizzly's assistance in the war."

Now more kitty owners are creating cat tanks for their furry little warriors.

Jessica Lacy made one for her cat Ollie. She said:

"[Ollie] likes to pop out of it and startle our dogs."

Gary Stevenson spent three hours building a tank for his cat. However, she wasn't too impressed with her human's efforts.

"She'll only go in it if we put her favourite snack in it," said Gary.

A new kind of arms race

So now that everyone else is building cat tanks, it's time to get started on yours. After all, your cat needs you! Don't let them get left behind in this new furry arms race! Then again, it's more like a furry legs race.