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Watch: GSD joins ducklings in the water, and pool party takes an unexpected turn

Forget rubber duckies! This German Shepherd is all about authenticity, and that includes having real duckies floating around during bath time!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 17/05/2020, 14:00

Kai the GSD lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his mum and lots of farm animal friends!

Water park

There’s nothing like jumping into a pool of fresh water on a hot day. No-one knows this better than ducks, of course. But what happens when you’re sharing your home with other animals who are feeling the heat too?

Well, you share of course! That’s exactly what happened with this group of ducklings and their GSD pal. When Kai got a little too hot for comfort, he decided he had to join in their paddling pool. And they didn’t seem to mind much, though he took up most of their swimming space!

Good dog

It’s never recommended to leave small animals unattended with a dog. However, Kai has clearly been extremely well socialised. Though he does seem VERY interested in the ducklings, he never so much as nudges them. He just sniffs and looks at them intently. Maybe he thinks he’s a bird himself?

The cutest thing of all – the ducklings seem to feel perfectly safe swimming around their gentle and well-trained pal, no matter how much he towers over them!

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