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Watch: Hilarious Weimaraner confused by talking elephant plush

weimaraner standing in front of table with elephant plushie sitting on it dog-wow
© Terri Wade - YouTube

There's a lot about human things that dogs don't understand – but talking plushies? That's a whole new level of weird, as this hilarious pooch recently discovered.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 12/04/2021, 06:30

If there’s one thing we love about Weimaraners (and there are a lot of things), it’s their eyes.

So piercing, so bright that it can sometimes make the dog look regal…and other times downright comical!

A curious phenomenon…

This hilarious video showcases one confused doggo. Indeed, his owners have placed an elephant plushie on the table. Ok, so far, so normal. But things are about to get supernatural…

Suddenly, the elephant talks, saying things like “Peekaboo!”, and “Where are you?”. Freakier still, the plush bats its large ears back and forth.

I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that catnip…

It’s impossible not to giggle watching this sweet dog’s reaction to the children’s toy. He stares at it determinedly, as if trying to understand what exactly is unfolding before his eyes. Heavily puzzled, he flinches every time the plushie moves; you never know when the bizarre creature might attack.

In the end, the Weimaraner decides to sit facing the plush, in order to better listen to its speech. Perhaps if he focuses hard enough, they might have an intellectual discussion. We wonder what they ended up talking about!

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