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Dog has the most surprising reaction to her soldier owner coming home

small yellow dog and US soldier next to red car dog-happy
© Becky Phillips - Youtube

It is always so moving to watch a dog reunite with its beloved owner…whether they’ve been separated for 5 minutes or 5 months! And this particular reunion brought us to tears...

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 10/04/2021, 07:30

When Tyler joined the United States Marines, he had to leave his little dog, Riley, behind with his family.

So when Tyler came home for a visit, he couldn’t wait to hold his little dog in his arms again. 

Who are you?

But things didn’t go quite as planned at first.

Indeed, it seemed as though Riley didn’t recognise him when Tyler stepped out of the car. She rushed towards him, barking, taking steps back, and even lowering herself to the floor: everything about her body language was saying “Stay away, stranger!”

Never happier

But when she caught his scent, she finally realised who the stranger actually was. Then, everything in her demeanour changed. She started whining, wagging her tail furiously, licking Tyler’s face, and placing her two front paws on his shoulders to go in for a great big hug. Then she even rolled on her back for a much-needed belly rub!

According to Becky Phillips, who posted the video, Riley isn’t a fan of hats – that’s why she was so scared of Tyler at first! That being said, we think that little confusion made the reunion even more special.

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