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Owners in for a shock when family pet returns with koala on back

small grey dog play bowing in front of baby koala dog-wow
© Henry - YouTube

Henry was on a regular walk with his dog, Tony. As usual, Tony disappeared off to explore his surroundings but when he returned, Henry couldn't believe his eyes!

By Natasha James

Published on the 14/05/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28


It seemed that little Tony had picked up a very unusual friend in the form of a baby koala!

A very chilled out pooch

Placid Tony didn’t seem to mind all that much but was definitely rather confused and looked to his owner for a little reassurance.

Baby koalas have an incredibly strong bond with their mothers. When koalas are born, they’re both blind and deaf so rely on their mamas to do absolutely everything for them.

At some point, this little thing must have lost their mother and found the next best thing in the form of Tony the dog.

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Capturing the scene

Henry immediately began to film the scene.

The video starts with the little animal clinging on to Tony for warmth as Tony circles in apparent confusion (albeit with a wagging tail), looking to his owner.

Eventually, the koala becomes dislodged and wanders after the little mixed breed dog trying to get back to the warmth of its new "Mama".

The koala then wanders over to an old wheelbarrow before climbing it and then into a tree.

A viral video

Unsurprisingly, the video became very popular and currently has over 117,000 views on Youtube. The post says that after this the little koala went on to climb a gum tree and eventually find its mother.

We hope the koala is safe and well and think Tony is a very good boy for staying so calm around the little creature.

Watch the full video here: