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Watch: Hidden camera catches cat trying to play with owner all night

Night time CCTV image of sleeping man and cat cat-happy
© RegalPlatypus – YouTube

A novice cat owner who suspected his new cat to be a nocturnal bully set up a camera in his bedroom and recorded one night’s worth of astounding footage. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 08/05/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

For Aaron Brown cat ownership is a doddle. Having recently adopted ginger tom Tormund from a local shelter, Mr Brown has already fitted comfortably into the role of the submissive human; a role so keenly sought after by felines.

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Daytimes are like any other, except now Brown can enjoy the adoration of a cat, and he has a little mouth to feed. Night times, however, are not as easy going.

Kitty Activity

According to The Dodo, when the lights go out, Tormund takes delight in challenging Brown to a duel. And, if his sparring partner is fast asleep, the cheeky cat will do everything he can to wake up the human.

With his sleepy time in disarray, Brown decided to record the activity over the course of a night. And when he watched back the video, the tired owner was shocked by just how much Tormund got up to.

Clearly, the little cat is desperate to play, but with Brown asleep he has little option but to entertain himself. When the solo entertainment grows thin though, the cat invites Brown to join in the fun.

On occasion the cat appears to cuddle up to Brown, but it does not take long for the fur ball to find its second, third and fourth wind!

Brown is sanguine about his sleepless nights. He told The Dodo he has no regrets about adopting Tormund.