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Woman shocked to see kitten napping in GSD’s mouth

Woman shocked to see kitten napping in GSD’s mouth dog-cat-happy
© butta.bella - Instagram

We love a bit of inter-species friendship here at Wamiz and this unlikely duo are showing off their love and trust for one another in the most unusual way!

By Natasha James

Published on the 09/05/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28

Butta and Bella are a brother and sister combo with a difference, Butta is a 35kg German Shepherd and Bella a diminutive Russian Blue cat.

The pitter-patter of feline feet

When Bella was adopted just four months ago, her owner Gabrielle must have been a little nervous about introducing her to her German Shepherd but she needn’t have been as Bella the kitty is clearly more than capable of holding her own.

Gabrielle is used to the pair playing and fighting but was in for quite the shock when she saw Bella seemingly clamped between Butta’s teeth.

A surprising scene

Despite her initial concern, closer inspection revealed that far from fighting, the pair had actually got comfy and fallen asleep in this highly unusual position!

The unique situation is only further proof of the trusting bond the two animals share.

Gabrielle snapped the pic and shared it to Instagram and unsurprisingly, it became a major hit! The post currently has over 282,000 views and almost 1,500 comments.

A social following

When she saw how popular the post was, Gabrielle set up an account for the pair so that followers can watch their adventures unfold.

The two are quite clearly inseparable and we see them napping and play fighting together regularly.

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