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Young woman stuck in Morocco with her dog appeals for help

young woman with brown dog dog-sad
© Nicoletta Clavuot - Facebook

The 27-year-old Swiss-Italian has been unable to fly back to her home country ever since the start of the pandemic due to travel restrictions involving her dog. 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 06/05/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:28


Nicoletta Clauvuot moved to Morocco in September when she decided to open a touring agency with her boyfriend. The couple adopted an adorable little dog, whom they named Oscar.

An unexpected turn of events

Unfortunately the stress of starting a business along with the worldwide spread of the virus lead to many tensions within the relationship. The couple soon split up, and Nicoletta decided it was time for her to return home.

But she would never even consider going home without her beloved pooch, Oscar. And that caused some complications. Though she was on a waiting list for a flight home, it became apparent that Oscar did not have all the vaccinations and certificates required to enter Europe. People told Nicoletta she should leave Oscar behind, but she couldn't bear the that thought.

An indivisible love

So Nicoletta elected to stay behind until she could go home with her dog. She has since made several appeals on social media, trying to get her story known so that the government will help her.

Though she went through some tough weeks during which Oscar was her rock, she recently shared that the news that the prospects of her being able to travel with her dog now seem more promising. We are crossing our fingers for her and Oscar’s safe return home!