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Owner in for surprise as dog sculpts bone into adult toy

Owner in for surprise as dog sculpts bone into adult toy dog-wow
© Zara Teare - Facebook

Kids say the funniest things and according to these pictures at least, it seems that dogs appear to chew the funniest things, and into the funniest shapes…

By Natasha James

Published on the 04/05/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29


Owner Zara Teare was in for quite a shock when she came home from her daily walk to find what can only be described as a highly unusual adult toy in the middle of her lounge.

A surprising find

Upon closer inspection it turned out that the, ahem, toy had once been a harmless-looking chewy bone but Zara’s little dog had cleverly sculpted it to resemble something far more adult.

Dave the Pug is an innocent-looking little guy who simply loves his chew toys. And, this chewy bone made with cheese and chorizo flavourings was an immediate hit.

A tasty chew toy?

Judging from the pictures though, he seems to favour chewing one end of the bone to the the other which has led to some very interesting results.

Just like the rest of us, Dave has been in lockdown for weeks now and is having to find extra ways to keep himself entertained so maybe it was part of a creative endeavour. It’s just that for Dave, rather than making banana bread, he’s sculpted something far less a-peel-ing.

Throw Dave a new bone!

We can’t say for sure whether little Dave was creating an artistic masterpiece or whether it’s a simple coincidence but the results are really quite something!

It might be time for Dave to get a new bone now though...

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