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Couple tie the knot with dogs as bridesmaids after wedding cancelled

Couple tie the knot with dogs as bridesmaids after wedding cancelled dog-happy
© Autumn Miller - Facebook

Lockdown life is affecting all of us but for those poor couples who have had their wedding day cancelled, it’s leading to some very creative rethinks.

By Natasha James

Published on the 04/05/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29

Autumn Wood and Christian Miller had been planning the wedding of their dreams for months but as the day drew nearer, it seemed less and less likely that it would go ahead.

Eventually, they got the news they'd been dreading, mass gathering and therefore all weddings were cancelled. But undeterred, the couple decided to go ahead with it anyway, but with more than a few changes.

An unexpected wedding day

Rather than the lavish hall originally planned, the couple decided to use their back garden and rather than her lifelong friends as bridesmaids, Autumn used her adorable dogs, Sasha and Oreo.

The couple had been isolating with the groom's brother who performed the ceremony and the couple's parents watched from a distance. Aside from that, all guests were online as the couple live streamed the event on Facebook.

The pawfect bridesmaids

It seems that Sasha and Oreo were the perfect bridesmaids and the pups walked patiently behind Autumn down the makeshift aisle and sat quietly while the ceremony took place.

Life isn't ideal for many people right now and long-anticipated plans are being cancelled or put on hold left right and centre but there is one thing we know for certain, dogs make every occasion better!

Congratulations Autumn, Christian, Sasha and Oreo, we wish you long and happy lives together.

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