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"Lost" cat turns up in charity shop closed for two weeks due to lockdown

Frankie the black cat looks out of shop window cat-happy
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A Wiltshire cat, lost just after the outbreak of the pandemic, has been found alive and well; albeit slightly worse for wear, trapped in a furloughed charity shop.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 01/05/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29


A couple from Salisbury were devastated when at the start of April their cat Frankie failed to return home.

Despite a stringent lockdown in the city, Richard and Ruth Clarke set out on a frantic search.

They put up posters around the area and even posted leaflets through doors, desperate to enlist the help of residents in a quest to bring home the 19-month-old cat.

After several fruitless sightings, the couple began to come to terms with the fact that Frankie was not coming home.

Brief encounter

A reported sighting on April 21st was, however, one of a kind. After visiting the location described by the well-meaning caller but finding no cat, Mr Clarke made his way home.

Purely by chance he glanced through the shop window of a local charity outlet only to see a black cat staring back at him. Frankie, it was, alive and well, if not looking thinner and weaker than when Clarke saw him last.

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Gobsmacked, Clarke called the police, but was told instead to contact the key holder of the premises. This he did, and while he waited for the key holder to arrive he squeezed food through the letterbox.

Frankie had fallen through a skylight into the shop and had been trapped there ever since.

Reunited, Frankie is once again fighting fit!