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Watch: Husky puppy can't stop kissing his owl friend

husky puppy licking white owl dog-wow
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Animals seem to know that it's not their differences but their similarities that count and this unlikely adorable duo are best buddies despite all the odds.

By Natasha James

Published on the 02/05/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29

Most people would be forgiven for aiming to keep their adorable new Husky pup and their beautiful Grey Owl separate but these owners had a feeling things might just be okay...

An unlikely friendship

Huskies are playful and boisterous, owls are serene and watchful. Huskies can move quickly over land, owls soar high in the sky, and yet, somehow, this friendship just works!

The adorable video starts with the two creatures sitting a little way apart from one another. The Husky pup is excited while the owl looks on curiously.

As the pup excitedly makes his way over to the owl (with a very enthusiastically wagging tail), the proud owl stands her ground.

What happens next will make animal lovers melt!

A real-life love story

Without so much of a second's hesitation, the Husky gives the owl a series of affectionate kisses and, not one to let be left out, the owl responds with a few loving nips of her own.

The little owl, still a little shy, does back away eventually but certainly seems to realise that the innocent pup is trying to make friends.

When introduced correctly, most animals can get on well but it's always important to keep tips for animal socialisation in mind.

Check out our tips on how to socialise a puppy.

Unsurprisingly, the super cute video has become something of an online hit and currently has over 55,000 views on Youtube!