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Watch: Chihuahua attacks huge dog, but Bully's reaction surprises everyone

Chihuahua pulls at tail of American Bulldog dog-happy
© Rumble Viral – YouTube

What are friends for if not to play and interact with? Relationships make us stronger and more resilient, and although at the moment we can't be together, friends stay bonded.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 23/04/2021, 06:30

Bonding is something these two dogs in the video below are doing. But for this little Chihuahua nipping at the tail of an American Bulldog it could go either way.

And the toy knows it, since each time the Bulldog lunges forward, it scarpers! But that big meaty tail is irresistible. The human equivalent would be a football or tennis ball…designed to be played with!

Back the little Mexican goes for more, and now his renowned valentía pulls him towards the face of the giant.

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The joy of dogs

But the giant lies sleepily, and takes the onslaught in his stride. He doesn't seem to mind the little dog's persistent nipping, in fact, he seems to be enjoying the game! The connection between the two canines is definitely making us feel warm and fluffy on the inside.

Since this video was posted in the summer of 2019 it has garnered over 20 million views. That says something about our love of dogs.

Check out the video of the pair here: