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Puppies gently settle in for a nap, but 6th sibling does the unexpected

labrador puppies in black bucket dog-happy
© Rob Beschizza - YouTube

Have you ever heard the doggy saying: “If I fits, I sits”? If you've ever wondered what it means, well, wonder no more. Here's a perfect example of exactly what it is.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/04/2021, 07:30, Updated on the 09/04/2021, 14:10

Is there anything cuter than puppies in this world?

Better yet – is there anything cuter than Lab puppies in this world?

A bucket of Labs please

The video starts with two Lab puppies sitting comfortably in a black bucket. So far, so good. They fits, so they sits. In fact, they could probably even fit a third one in there. And lo and behold, a third sibling enters the bucket and makes himself comfortable. Ok, the bucket’s pretty much full by now. Except, that’s the thing about puppies – they want to be close to each other ALL the time, no matter what it takes.

So a fourth puppy enters the mix…and then a fifth, until the bucket is overflowing with Labradors! Not that we’re complaining, but there’s definitely no more room for any more!

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Fly me to the bucket

Yet, there’s still a sixth puppy roaming around the Lab bucket. But he couldn’t possibly fit…he wouldn’t try to get in, now would he?...

Oh, yes, he would! The last few seconds of this video are what makes the whole clip pure gold! The sixth puppy sees no practical way of making room for himself in the bucket, so he ends up simply throwing himself on top of his siblings! Not a traditional way of entering ones’ napping space to be sure, but you can rest assured that his brothers and sisters sure cushioned the fall!