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Woman spots ‘stray cat’ she’s been feeding and realises it's not a cat at all

Cat at night cat-wow
© Pixabay

When a kind-hearted woman finally gets a look at the stray cat she's been feeding for months, she gets a huge surprise as the animal isn't a cat at all.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 19/04/2021, 06:30

Every time Michelle Slater and her family saw a stray cat wandering around their driveway, it would quickly disappear when they got closer. Worried about the feline, Michelle started to put food out for it and a blanket as the weather was getting cooler.


The family was relieved to see that the food continued to be eaten and the blanket was being moved around. Michelle began to call their little visitor Loki and hoped that she would one day meet him.

Michelle eventually got her wish one night when she went outside to see if the cat was around. And it was. But it wasn't a cat. The animal that Michelle had been feeding was actually a possum.

Surprise visitor

It seems that when the driveway cat didn’t return, the little possum spotted the food and a comfortable bed not being used and decided to make it his own.

While Michelle was surprised, she didn't mind and still feeds the possum each night.

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