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Heartbroken dogs console each other after owner’s death

Heartbroken dogs console each other after owner’s death dog-sad
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Two heartbroken pups haven't left each other's side since their owner of 10 years died in a tragic accident. Now the hunt is on to find them a new home.

By Natasha James

Published on the 25/04/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29

Owner Kris Busching was wild about his dogs. He took them everywhere with him, including on all manner of adventures, which makes this story all the more heartbreaking.

A final trek

Kris had taken his dogs on a hiking experience in Colorado. The trip was supposed to last only a day but unfortunately, Kris along with a pal and his two dogs became disoriented and lost.

After a night and a day without food or water, the pair of friends had started to worry. It was then that Kris spotted a freshwater stream further down the slope. It was as he tried to access this with his two dogs that 33-year-old Kris sadly fell to his death.

His friend called desperately but could not get down to them. It wasn’t until the next day that the group were found, during which time the two pups had not left their owner’s side.

A loving owner

Kris had an Instagram page documenting his travels with his dogs and it's clear to see that the trio adored one another.

Tonka, one of Kris' pitty pups was also injured and the dogs were flown to an Animal Medical Centre where his canine pal Little P would not leave his side. Little P even stayed to watch while Tonka had his leg fixed and bandaged.

A Go Fund Me page was set up to fund the dog’s recovery and has raised a whopping $23,000.

A bond that can't be broken

The medical centre is now looking to rehome the pups and understandably, want to do all they can not to separate the dogs. The bond is clearly so strong that a home for two is the only way to go.

We wish the boys all the luck in the world finding a new home and our thoughts go out to Kris' friends and family.

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