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Billie Eilish fails at fostering but wins at being a dog mum

Eilish couldn't let the pups go back to the shelter dog-happy
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Billie Eilish has failed at fostering, but she's winning as a dog mum. And it just goes to show that when a pooch comes into your life, you can never give them up!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 22/04/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29


The 18-year-old singer is well known for her love of animals. So in the days leading up to the COVID-19 lockdown, she decided to offer two adorable Staffies a temporary home.

A not so temporary situation?

But just a few weeks later, Eilish posted a story on Instagram in which she confessed her failure as a foster mum. But why had Eilish failed? Did she not love her new furry guests enough?

Of course not! In fact, she loved them too much and couldn't face the idea of sending the pooches back to the shelter.

So Eilish adopted one of the pups, turning herself from temporary foster carer to full-time dog mum. She hasn't given the pup a name yet, but only because she hasn't found one that's anywhere near as cute as him! 


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The unnamed pup will stay at Eilish's LA mansion, along with his rescue cat sister, Misha, and a new doggy brother called Pepper.

A lockdown success story

But what happened to the other pooch? Well, don't worry - she's living her best life in her very own forever home.

So it looks like the lockdown worked out pretty well for these furry little guys!