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Paul O’Grady adopts puppy to help mend his heart after death of beloved Boycie

Paul O'Grady's dogs dog-happy
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As Paul O'Grady continues to mourn the death of his beloved dog Boycie, the popular TV star has a new little canine friend to help mend his broken heart.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/04/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29


It's always difficult to come to terms with the loss of a beloved dog, something that Paul O’Grady knows all too well after his beloved Shih-Tzu Boycie passed away recently.


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But O’Grady has delighted his fans by revealing he has adopted a new pup, the gorgeous little Nancy. The animal lover and TV presenter shared a photo of Nancy, a little Jack Russell, relaxing on a blanket on his Instagram page.


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Settled in

O'Grady adopted the pup from Battersea Dogs And Cats Home. In a post directed at the animal shelter, he explained that Nancy had settled in very well and had grown twice her size and was very confident and loves her food. He signed off the post by saying, “Keep well and see you soon that's if Nancy hasn't chewed my foot off. X”


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Foster pup

O'Grady regularly volunteers at Battersea Dogs And Cats Home for his TV show, ‘For the Love of Dogs’ and started fostering Nancy a few weeks ago because of the nationwide lockdown. As the animal shelter had been forced to temporarily close due to the coronavirus, O'Grady was asked if he'd like to foster a dog. He'd already fallen in love with Nancy, so it wasn't a difficult decision for him to make!

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