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5 facts that will make you want to adopt a Maine Coon immediately

brown maine coon cat-happy

Maine Coons are the largest breed of domesticated cats – adult males can weigh up to 16 lbs! But it’s a lot more than just their size that makes them special.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 24/04/2021, 07:30, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:42

Yep, there are hundreds of reasons why this cat can make a wonderful companion – but just to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled it down to 5. So here’s why Maine Coons are the coolest cats:

1. They are super affectionate

Maine Coons love nothing more than to be with their owners, especially when they can get lots of fuss!

2. They have a cheeky side

No-one likes a goodie-goodie anyway, right? Although Coons can have a naughty side to them, they generally have very laid-back and calm personalities!

3. They are great with children


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If you’re looking for a cat who will do well with your kids, look no further. These cats are super gentle and make the best of friends for children who know how to treat them with respect.

4. They are extremely intelligent


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Maine Coons are eager to please and very smart! They may be one of the most trainable cat breeds out there!

5. They are absolutely gorgeous

That long fur, those deep, colourful eyes, that regal stance…we can’t think of a more beautiful cat!

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