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Watch : Cat decides to adopt and nurse adorable orphan puppies

ginger cat and black and white puppies dog-cat-wow
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It is well-known that cat and dogs have very different ways of showing their love. Cats are the more discreet, gentle type and dogs are…not!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 18/04/2021, 07:30

This might just well be the cutest video we have ever seen. An adult female cat lies on her side, letting puppies of only three weeks of age climb and topple all over her. She licks them fervently as they chew on her legs and paw at her – and she seems to be perfectly in her element.

More to the story than meets the eye

The beautiful and patient ginger cat is actually named Katryn.

She was a stray when first rescued by Langebaan Animal Care, along with her kittens. Unfortunately, her kittens did not survive. She was deeply grieved.


We have a very special story to share with everyone. Meet Katryn and her puppies. Katryn was brought to Langebaan Animal care 3 weeks ago as being abandoned and unfortunately her kittens didn’t survive. She was still lactating so we took her in and kept her safe till we could have her sterilized. Then came along four 3 week old puppies that was handed over to us as unwanted. Katryn claimed the puppies as her own and has been nursing them since then and protects them and cleans them as her own. It has been so special to see this in real life and to realize how amazing animals are to take care of the young no matter what species they are. We could learn so much from animals! These puppies are now up for adoption as they are now 6 weeks old. They are border collie x pups. Please contact Izelle on 0837900653 if you are interested to adopt one.

Posted by Langebaan Animal Care on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A fateful encounter

As if by destiny, a litter of four Border Collie cross puppies came to the shelter as orphans. They needed a mother and Katryn needed to fill the hole in her heart. The rest is history!

Katryn cared for the babies as if they were her own until they were old enough to get adopted. We know the pups will never replace her own litter, but we’re so glad she got a chance to be a mum!

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