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Couple adopt a kitten and are in disbelief at what happens one month later

Couple adopt a kitten and are in disbelief at what happens one month later cat-happy
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When a tiny abandoned kitten turns up at a couple’s front door, they immediately decide to take her in and do all that they can to help, but she’s got a surprise in store for them.

By Natasha James

Published on the 28/04/2020, 06:30, Updated on the 20/04/2021, 09:36

Picture the scene: A pretty white kitty shows up at your door. It looks like she’s been abandoned and she’s in serious need of some TLC. Do you take her in?

That’s the choice this New York couple were faced with and they decided to do all they could to help.

A loving kitty

Emily and Nate weren’t planning on getting a cat, but when this little cat showed up at their door, they couldn’t help but fall in love with her cuddly and trusting nature.

Their first step was to take her to the vets to check that she was healthy and also that she didn’t already have a microchip and therefore owners somewhere. The vet confirmed that there was no microchip and the couple delightedly started to plan for life with their new pet.

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A surprise annoucement

But the vet had more news, the cat (whom the couple had named Dusty) was pregnant and was due to give birth in a month or so to two kittens... or so the vet predicted!

Four weeks later little Dusty found her spot and went into labour.

Two healthy kittens arrived as expected and the couple were delighted, but Dusty wasn’t quite finished yet.


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Lucky number seven

Little Dusty went on to have a respectable-sized litter of seven kittens in total, far higher than the predicted two!

Mama Dusty now has her own Instagram page where you can keep up with her and her kittens!

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