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WATCH: Stubborn cat argues with his owner as he refuses to leave the sink

Ginger cat in sink cat-wow
© catzmeow8 - YouTube

Buddy the cat was so determined not to move from his favourite spot in the bathroom sink, the stubborn feline was even prepared to argue with his owner about it.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 14/04/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:30

Cats have a unique way of making sure they are understood but it seems that some cats actually understand what their humans are saying too.

Meet Buddy

Buddy is a ginger cat who has shown he can hold a conversation with his owner, even arguing with what she says.

While he likes nothing more than to relax in the bathroom sink and claim the space as his own, his human family has other ideas.

But when his owner asks him what he’s doing and why is he in the sink, she gets a mouthful of meows in reply. “You like to take up space, don't you?” says his owner. But Buddy doesn't seem bothered, stretching out in the sink even more.

Chatty cat

Each time she speaks to the cat or asks him a question, he replies with a meow as if understanding what his owner is saying.

And when she asks, “hey Buddy, are you lazy?” the cat doesn't bother replying and simply gives a huge yawn. Which says it all.

Since it was first posted, the hilarious video of chatty Buddy has been viewed an astonishing 10,303,449 times!

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