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Watch: Hilarious Golden brings back a much larger stick than he was thrown

golden retriever on grassy trail dog-wow
© Bravomascotas - Twitter

Dog lovers are wondering if pooches have magical powers after a video appeared on Twitter. But has this pup hoodwinked them all with a little help from his human?

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 14/04/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

The 60-second clip captures a very unusual game of fetch.

It begins with an owner presenting a rather small stick to an eager looking Golden Retriever. The unnamed person then launches the stick down a country lane, and the pooch runs off in pursuit.

Things take a mysterious turn

And that's when things get a bit weird - because when the dog reappears a few moments later with the stick, it appears to have grown to ten times its original size!

So what happened down that mysterious country lane? Does this pooch have some kind of magical power or is there a different sort of trickery afoot?

Well, given the suspicious-looking cut-scene right in the middle of the video, it looks like the 'magic' happened in the editing room!

But the clip still is putting a big smile on everybody's face - and that's all that really matters right now.

Bred to play fetch

And the pooch clearly had a lot of fun helping his human make the hilarious video. In fact, Golden Retrievers love nothing more than a good game of fetch.

They were first bred to retrieve game and water birds. Hunters prized the Golden Retriever for its 'soft mouth', which is a dog's ability to bring the birds back undamaged.