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Lost dog decides to jump into just the right car

White dog Thor in the Coelhos' car dog-wow
© ทศพร หาญประเสริฐ – Facebook

After becoming lost, Thor was about to take pot luck in order to find his way home. Making a dash for it, he leapt into a stranger's car and hoped for the best.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 13/04/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31


In February Rodrigo Coelho and his wife visited their local Pharmacy. As they pulled up, they noticed a dog bounding over to them as though they were his owners. Nothing too strange, perhaps, but as Mrs Coelho opened her door, the dog jumped into the back of the car and promptly fell asleep. 

Looking worse for wear and smelling awful, the couple believed the dog was a stray. But his demeanour was such that they instantly fell in love with him. 

As soon as they arrived home the dog got comfortable on the sofa, and after a long sleep woke up full of the joys of life. 

Less than impressed

Unfortunately, the Coelhos' other dogs were less than impressed with the newcomer, especially since he was overly friendly and energetic. 

Undeterred, the Coelhos cared for the dog as though he was their own, and put on social media videos of his antics. 

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Other locals began to comment that they too had seen the same dog seemingly abandoned running through the town. 

Soon the dog’s owners also got in touch with the Coelhos. They lived only eight miles apart but had been distraught at the loss of their beloved dog, called Thor. 

Thor was returned to his rightful parents in due course. The Coelhos meanwhile knew that fate had brought them to encounter the dog and to bring it home to safety and comfort.