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Watch as baby feeds German Shepherd – this will make you melt!

baby feeds german shepherd dog-happy
© gary 83470 - Youtube

You can't beat a good animal-baby bonding video and this one has put a smile on all of our faces. Check out this adorable little girl helping out her four-legged pal.

By Natasha James

Published on the 24/02/2021, 06:30

There's something magical about the relationship between children and animals, especially when they've grown up together, and this adorable duo have made all of our hearts melt.

Bon appétit!

The 30-second video shows a gorgeous German Shepherd pup waiting patiently by his food bowl as his little human sister plays around with his food. Unable to resist any longer, the pooch leans into her pudgy hand and the baby realises it must be feeding time. She happily hands over tiny handful of kibble after tiny handful of kibble and the dog carefully and gently eats from her hand. The little girl turns back towards the camera to check that mum or dad is watching and smiles happily.

Eventually, the German Shepherd dog (which can range in weight from 49 to a whopping 88lb) gets tired of waiting and makes for the bowl all by himself. The video ends at this point and we imagine the dog's owners take the little girl away so that the pooch can eat in peace.

German Shepherds

German Shepherd's make wonderful pets (although they also excel as working dogs) thanks to their affectionate and playful nature. They tend to be incredibly loyal towards and protective of their families and this pup certainly displays those traits.

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