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Cat hotel offers free rooms for pets of owners worried about Covid-19

Cat hotel offers free rooms for pets of owners worried about Covid-19 cat-serious
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This is a worrying time for many of us but perhaps those who live alone with a pet more than most. This cat hotel is trying to lighten the load for poorly cat owners.

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/04/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Caring cat lovers

Hotel Cat in the New Forest is offering free cat care for concerned pet owners.

Hotel owner, Jackie Ferrier, shared the generous initiative via a Facebook post.

Along with her husband, Tim, Mrs Ferrier understands that now is a trying time for many people and the couple want to help if they can. Specifically, they're looking to target any cat owners who need hospital treatment but don't want to leave their beloved pet alone.

A luxurious choice for pampered kitties

Mrs Ferrier has been running the luxury cat hotel for six years. The hotel is a converted barn in the couple's back garden and offers a choice of eight suites which cost up to £36 a day.

Unlike many traditional catteries, the hotel proudly boasts that it has no bars, mesh or cages and instead kitties will sleep in luxury suites which measure up to 348 square feet.

What's more the rooms feature flat-screen TVs that show films specially tailored to cats. There are even special social rooms that contain sun loungers, scratch pads, toys and climbing trees for the cats to play in.

A break for poorly cat owners

Nothing could stop a pet owner worrying about their beloved cat if they were taken into hospital but perhaps knowing that kitty is happy and healthy will go some way to easing the fears of people who are struggling.

We salute Mrs Ferrier for her generous offer.

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