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WATCH: Delivery dog Soda Pup helps community keep to social distancing rules

Boxer delivery dog dog-happy
© Stone House Urban Winery - Facebook

A very special dog in Maryland is helping local people stick to social distancing rules by delivering their grocery orders himself in his puppy saddlebag.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 11/04/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

A winery in Maryland, US, has a special new recruit to deliver groceries to help customers who are social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Stone House Urban Winery was struggling to get orders to their customers once the social distancing rules were introduced. So, owner Lori Yata decided to recruit her 11-year-old dog called Soda Pup to help.

Canine courier

Equipped with his very own saddlebag, Soda Pup ensures people get their orders without compromising social distancing. His bag can hold up to two bottles of wine at a time. Not surprisingly, the winery’s new courier has proven very popular among customers.

The adorable Boxer picks up and drops off orders ensuring customers are kept well-stocked during the virus outbreak.

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Doggy deliveries

But while customers may be worried that Soda is struggling to keep up with demand, the clever pup posted a reassuring message that he wasn’t getting overworked. In his adorable Facebook post, he explained that he’s only allowed to carry two bottles of wine at a time and never makes more than one delivery per customer.

In fact, the helpful canine revealed that sometimes he doesn’t even have anything in his saddlebag at all. He just enjoys going out to meet people when they visit to buy their wine.

Watch Soda Pup in action: