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A world first? Trampoline dog: top marks for difficulty, execution and flight

Montage of youtube video showing dog on trampoline dog-happy
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We are all getting a little stir crazy, and some days drag more than others. But has a family from Derbyshire found the answer to lockdown blues?

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 05/04/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31


Just a Labrador performing tricks on a trampoline, that's all. A family from Derbyshire posted a video of K9 Oscar's antics on line and the video has gone, err, viral, with almost 48,000 views as of today's date.

The video begins with Alfie: a small human enjoying some much-needed outdoor time on the trampoline; jumping with him and enjoying a spin or two is Oscar. Soon, Alfie realises his moment is over, and he graciously gives way to the adorable furry gymnast. It's a moment to behold for the viewer, and one that clearly has the family in stitches.

Alfie's dad later told the Mail Online, “They always play together on the trampoline, they're best friends but the dog thinks he can do it better than Alfie.

“They've been occupying each other in lockdown even more than normal.”

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Lockdown and pets

“We are in this together”: a slogan we hear repeated a lot these days, and it no less applies to our pets. But how do we keep them occupied through the slow days of Covid-19?

Here are just a couple of ideas:

• Listen to music and snuggle your pet
• Play and engage, and if possible use puzzle toys filled with food
• If you have a garden, try to get out there as much as you can
• Pamper your pet with baths and grooming

Watch the video of Oscar here: