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Tamaskan picks out favourite kitten from shelter and now the two are best friends

Tamaskan picks out favourite kitten from shelter and now the two are best friends cat-happy
© raven_and_woodehouse - Instagram

Here at Wamiz, we love a little bit of inter-species friendship and this tale of the Tamaskan and the kitten who became best friends is sure to warm even the coldest heart!

By Natasha James

Published on the 06/04/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

When Christina decided to add a kitten to her brood, she could have been forgiven for feeling a little nervous about how her 12-week-old Tamaskan pup, Raven, would adapt to life with a new little feline.

A unique approach to bonding

Instead of choosing a kitty and hoping the pair would connect, Christina decided on a more novel approach.

Knowing that whichever cat she adopted would need to adjust to Raven, she decided to take the pup along to the shelter and let her choose!

The pair headed to an animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas and little Raven was introduced to four kittens and told to choose her favourite.

A carefully chosen best friend

After much consideration, the pup chose tomcat Woodhouse. Some of the kitties were scared of Raven, others not interested, but Woodhouse and Raven seemed to have an immediate bond. A bond that continues to this day.

Today the pair are still best of friends and while they may not snuggle up for naps as much as they did in those early days, they're still great pals.

Internet sensations

They have their own Instagram account which has a whopping 99,000 followers. The pair can be seen watching out of the window for cars, having dinner together, interacting with the family's new baby and much more besides.

We wish them all a very long and happy life together!

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