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One-eyed Chow saved from dog meat trade helps disabled owner through isolation

Chow dog and owner dog-happy
© Mary Garland - Facebook & No to dog meat - Facebook

Annabel the Chow has gone from rescued pup to hero companion as she supports her owner with disabilities and getting through isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/04/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Mary Garland is a wheelchair user from London who takes immunosuppressant medication. When it comes to the coronavirus this makes her high risk and it is important that she self-isolates to shield herself from the virus.

However, Mary usually has a very busy social life, socialising with friends and showing her support for No To Dog Meat, a charity close to her heart. But while Mary cannot leave her home for 12 weeks, she does have her canine companion Annabel for company.

Rescue pup 

Annabel is a particularly special dog. The Chow Chow was found in a desperate state when she was rescued from the meat trade in China. The poor pup was missing an eye and was partially skinned.

But thankfully, Annabel’s life has been completely transformed thanks to the No to Dog Meat charity and the love and care of her owner, Mary.

And it's now Annabel’s chance to repay some of that love and care.


Since her owner has been in lockdown, Annabel has hardly left her side. Giving her companionship and helping her to feel calm and less anxious. Annabel loves cuddles which is good for Mary who finds touching her dog's lovely soft fur a real comfort when she's feeling anxious or worried.

No To Dog Meat is a charity based in the UK that supports dog shelters in China who rescue dogs from meat markets and slaughterhouses.

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