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Blind Pug and Chihuahua brother are looking for a forever home together

This two spend every minute together dog-wow
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A Pug named Augie and his best friend Pepe the Chihuahua are looking for their forever home. And because they're lifelong friends, they definitely come as a package deal.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/04/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Augie arrived at the Colorado Pug Rescue with his dog brother Pepe after their owner died following a long term illness.

These two always come as a pair

And it wasn't long before rescuers realised that Augie and Pepe share an incredible bond. Cyndi Trimber is a volunteer at the rescue centre. Speaking to FOX31 news, she said:

"They sleep together. They eat together. It's really sweet. They depend on each other like that."

But Augie the Pug hasn't actually seen his best pal for a very, very long time. Augie lost his sight many years ago, and Pepe has been right by his side ever since.

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And Pepe recently helped nurse his friend through a mild case of pneumonia. But there's one problem that even Pepe the Chihuahua can't fix. The Colorado Centre was just hit with a vet bill of over $3,000 for Augie's treatment.

An unwelcome surprise for rescuers

"It racked up a really huge bill," Cyndi said. "I'm like, we're a foster group. How are we going to afford this?"

The centre is now asking for donations. Without them, they may not be able to continue helping dogs like Augie and Pepe. And they're also looking for an owner who's ready to take home not one, but two adorable pups!