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Watch: Brave GSD protects Schnauzer from a misbehaving Dalmatian

dogs playing at a dog park dog-wow
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Canine body language is so fascinating! You can learn so much about how a dog is feeling by just watching them interact with others of their kind.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 25/04/2021, 07:30

That is why this man films his dogs playing in the dog park – a perfect place to observe canine behaviour. And on this day, he filmed a very special interaction which should not go unnoticed!

A normal day at the dog park

Several dogs of various breeds are running loose in the park, sniffing each other and playing together. Everything seems to be going well until Dante the 1-year-old Dalmatian begins to feel cornered by his friends…and particularly by Doogie the Schnauzer.

Suddenly, he shows his teeth, licks his lips, and lashes out at the little dog. Probably more frightened than hurt, Doogie yelps several times, unable to push the large Dalmatian back.

A hero dog

That's when the undisputable king of the park makes his entrance. A beautiful German Shepherd steps between the Dalmatian and Schnauzer, pushing the attacker back with a warning growl. When the Dalmatian tries to fight back, the GSD perfectly diffuses the situation by pushing his behind in the Dalmatian's face. This is a way for dogs to show that they're not looking for a fight – by putting their teeth as far away as possible from the other dog!

The Dalmatian has a lot to learn when it comes to doggy manners, but this German Shepherd was certainly a great teacher on this day!