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German Shepherd lands amazing new job after being fired from the force

GSD sits in front of an aircraft jet engine dog-happy
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An 18-month-old GSD relieved of duty as a crime fighter has discovered his calling in life, and remains working in a critical public service role.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/04/2021, 06:30

Ozzie was sacked recently. Born in 2018, he was destined for police work with the Queensland Police Service in Australia. The future looked bright for a German Shepherd with the making of a fearsome canine.

However, during his training his handler and other staff noticed how the pup was too kind and considerate of others. While other dogs were happy to tear at the sleeves of unwilling volunteers, Ozzie was keener to play catch with the 'thief'!

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Alas, it was the sad duty of the training supervisor to announce in due course that Ozzie must be dropped from the canine unit.

Despite his handler being disappointed about the decision, it was clear Ozzie would no more have been able to stop a thief than would an overweight lap dog. The two parted ways and Ozzie's future looked uncertain.

New hope

Soon after that decision was made, however, an opening came about at Brisbane Airport for a bird scarer. Airport officials had begun to notice an unusually high number of migratory birds in the vicinity, and something needed to be done to prevent one or more of the birds from being ingested into the engines of passing aircraft.


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Ozzie seemed the ideal candidate, and was soon given the job. With his love of play and the outdoors, it was a dream come true: lots of walks and play with his new handler, Jackson Ring.

Mr Ring told Daily Mail Australia, “Ozzie didn't portray all the necessary traits of a police canine – but he is perfect for what we want, which is introducing a predator into the environment.”