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Meghan Markle wants to adopt another dog to help shelter during virus outbreak

'Cole' is looking for the royal seal of approval dog-happy
© Victoria Humane Society - Facebook

Meghan Markle is hoping to adopt a fourth dog to help ease pressure on animal shelters during the coronavirus lockdown. His name is Cole, and he's absolutely adorable!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/03/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

Meghan Markle is famous for her love of pooches. The Duchess of Sussex is a patron of animal charity Mayhew and already owns a trio of pups, although one of them lives in Los Angeles with Meghan's mum.

Cole seals the Duchess's heart

And now she wants to add another furry fella to her family after seeing a picture of a four-year-old black Labrador cross called Cole. He's currently staying with rescuers at the Victoria Humane Society.

According to his bio, Cole is an affectionate pooch who loves being around children. Although he can be a bit shy at first:

'He is very nervous with new people, but once he knows he is safe, he is your best friend...He cuddles like crazy, and thinks kids are the greatest thing in the world!'

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It's unclear if Meghan has started the adoption process, but let's keep our paws crossed for Cole. Because if everything goes to plan, he'll get the royal treatment for the rest of his life.

A dog is not just for lockdown

There's been a big spike in the number of people adopting dogs since the coronavirus outbreak. And while it's helping ease the burden on rescue workers during this difficult time, we must remember the golden rule: a dog is for life and not just or lockdown.