Family pooch loves sibling so much he wants in on nap time

Family pooch loves sibling so much he wants in on nap time dog-happy
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We all know dogs are thought to be man's best friend but this adorable pooch loves his teeny, tiny human so much that we think he's team baby all the way!

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/03/2020, 10:00


Members of the pack

We truly see our dogs as members of the family and they repay the favour by knowing that we're part of their pack.

The bond between dogs and grownups is strong and wonderful but the bond between humans and children is just magical.

This adorable video shows a tiny baby boy sleeping peacefully in what seems to be his mother's arms and then an unexpected visitor shows up! Mid snooze, we see the emergence of a brown snoot (belonging to a gorgeous Weimaraner) snuggling in between mama and baby and resting peacefully for naptime.

A sneaky snuggle

It seems the hilarious dog isn't totally sure if he's supposed to be there though, so leaves it at his nose and keeps the rest of his face and body hidden. The baby, obviously very used to the affections of his canine brother doesn't so much as stir.

Take a look at the wonderful video here:


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