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WATCH: Toddler comforting dog terrified by storm will melt your heart

Frightened looking dog dog-happy
© Pixabay

When a dog is terrified by the sounds of a storm and cowers in a corner, it's the youngest member of the household that gives them the comfort and reassurance they need.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 09/03/2021, 06:30

It’s not unusual for a dog to become frightened by the sound of a thunderstorm outside. The sudden bangs can leave a pup terrified and distraught.

A dog who becomes frightened by thunderstorms can display anxious behaviour, sometimes even before the loud bangs have started. Heavy rain falling on the roof and bright flashes of light in the sky before a storm can be enough to trigger an anxious response.

Poor pup

This is what happened to one Golden Retriever who is so frightened he tries to hide in the corner of the family’s utility room. But he's not on his own for long.

Love and reassurance

In this video that quickly went viral, you can see a toddler head over to the poor pup and immediately start stroking them. The child chats reassuringly to the dog, giving him lots of cuddles.

While the dog looks unsure at first, he soon seems to calm thanks to his little friend and enjoys the special attention he's getting.

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