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10 dog posts to see you through the last stretch of lockdown

10 dog posts to see you through the last stretch of lockdown dog-happy
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What did we do to deserve dogs? These puppers are trying to make us all smile in the face of never-ending bad news cycles, and it's helping, a lot!

By Natasha James

Published on the 26/02/2021, 06:30

We’re all glued to the news to see the latest developments right now but there comes a time when we have to stop and remember the good things that are still happening. Like, dogs! Check out these 10 pooches who are here to remind you that everything is going to be okay soon.

1.    This pup who found a butterfly

We’re all practising social distancing to keep ourselves safe but we can still play with our dogs and this pooch has brought a friend along too.


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2.    This Pittie who wants to be just like his owner

There’s such a thing as spending too much time with people but not dogs, we can always spend more time with our dogs. Just be careful you don’t morph into them.


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3.    This dog who isn’t practising social distancing

This pup is doing all the hugging for us so we don’t have to.


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4.    This Labrador puppy who won’t let anything wipe the smile off her face

When you’ve got sunshine, flowers and dogs, all is okay really.


A post shared by Remi (@hello_it_remi) on

5.    This Pom who is just happy to be here

And if you’re warm and cosy then things are gonna be okay, too.


A post shared by Mochi & Nori (@hii_its_mochi_nori) on

6.    These pups who have enough toilet rolls

This Berner and his friend have kindly offered to lend you a roll if you’re short.


A post shared by Romeo (@romeo_bernesemountaindog) on

7.    This Westie who’s taking the time to catch up on sleep 

When there’s not much else to do, there will always be naps, as illustrated by this little thing.


A post shared by Mer the maltese (@mer_by_the_window) on

8.    This mama and baby pup

Puppies make absolutely everything better.


A post shared by Labs and golden retrievers ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ• (@labstail) on

9.    This pup who’s posed especially for the camera

This pup understands that times are tough right now so she’s taken a special selfie just so you can gaze upon her natural beauty.


A post shared by Margaret the Italian Greyhound (@margaret_the_iggy) on

10.    This pup who’s cut his own fringe

It can be tough not getting to the hairdressers but take a leaf out of this dog’s book and cut your own fringe!


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