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Looking for a forever home: Irem just wants somebody to love!

cross breed dog on pavement dog-happy
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Want to adopt a dog who's still a puppy? A dog who is full of energy but will also want to snuggle up close to you on the sofa? Then Irem could be the perfect pooch for you!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 26/03/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

This gorgeous girl is waiting for you in Andover, UK.

Irem's ideal environment

Irem is a big and active girl, so she would love to live somewhere where she can run, play, and stretch her legs out every single day! She gets along perfectly well with other dogs and even cats!

Caring for Irem

She'll shed, but that short coat will be a breeze to care for! Irem is a young pup of only 5 months of age, so she’s definitely a life-long commitment!

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Training Irem

As she's a puppy, Irem is still in the learning phase for many things. But she is showing lots of promise in being well behaved at home and on the lead. She will need more time to acclimate to men, but with a little habituation, she should be their best friend in no time! The great thing about Irem is that she is both curious and bright, so teaching her new things should be a piece of cake!

Irem's loving soul

Irem has spent most of her life in the company of other animals and humans, so she’s hoping to find a family where at least one member is home most of the time. She is very affectionate and loves the company of people, especially if its during cuddle time on the couch. She would love an active and attentive home.


IREM AVAILABLE FOR ADOTION Irem ist a very affectionate girl and what she loves most is to receive cuddles and give kisses😍😍 Irem is in foster care in Andover. Contact: telumasdream@gmail.com

Posted by Teluma’s Dream on Sunday, March 15, 2020
Do you think Irem could be the one for you? Get in touch with her rescue through their Facebook page or email: telumasdream@gmail.com