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Inspiring: A cat that can’t walk is a live-in ‘nurse’ of a vet’s clinic

Lucifer the disabled cat lies with a German Shepherd dog cat-happy
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A vet's practice in Russia employs a disabled cat to accompany sick animals throughout their care and to put human visitors at ease. Meet Lucik: the caring cat.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 26/03/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

In 2013 workers at Klyk animal hospital in Perm, Russia discovered a black kitten abandoned. The kitten appeared to have been injured; a damaged spine had caused the poor animal to be paralyzed.


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Vets were keen to help the little cat, but after several gruelling operations his condition did not improve. With few options left they decided to adopt the cat and keep him at the practice. They called him Lucifer on account of his jet black fur.

In due course Lucifer met all of the staff including the director of the practice who allowed workers to keep the cat.


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Nursing cat

Lucifer has remained at the clinic ever since he was discovered, and despite the fact that he still cannot walk, he plays an invaluable role in the care of other patients.

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Writes Lucifer on the clinic’s blog, “Often, seriously ill patients come to us, and I support them morally, explain that injections are not scary, tell my story that I could not be without doctors, check if the patients are warm in the hospital, and also I am an honorary donor. I have saved more than one life with my blood.”

Lucifer has donated his blood “more than 8 times”, according to Bright Side.

The cat is said to be very sociable and enjoys meeting each patient as they arrive; he often stays with them during their recovery.