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Adorable: 10 pets who have just discovered their reflection

dog looking at his reflection in the water dog-cat-happy
© ittadakimasu - Instagram

We've all looked in the mirror from time to time and wished we could change what we see but at least we've never fallen in love or made an instant enemy out of our reflection...

By Natasha James

Published on the 23/03/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31


Being a divine dog or cute cat must be tough, especially when you happen to stumble across an equally adorable creature who seems to be following you around. Check out these pets who have discovered the mirror.

1. This dog who is not happy about the competition

The nerve of that absolutely gorgeous pooch who's broken into that doggo's home!


A post shared by Kona Bear (@goldenkonabear) on

2. This cat who has a new dance partner at least

I suppose if you're going to discover your arch rival lives in your bathroom mirror then it's good to know that they're also an exceptional dancer.


A post shared by Odin & Freija (@odinfreijamainecoonsibs) on

3. This dog who doesn't mind the rival but can’t work out how the sky got down there

That dog can wait, this pup is worried about what will happen now he lives in the sky.


A post shared by Ittadakimasu (@ittadakimasu) on

4. This dog who's ready to fight

That same dog turns up in mirrors, cupabords, puddles and TV screens and this pooch is willing to fight.


A post shared by Bella (@_tiny_bella) on

5. This cat who loves what he sees

If you're going to have a cat living in your window then it helps that they're truly gorgeous.


A post shared by Charlie CatStar Goulet (@charliecatstar) on

6. This dog who has no idea how that got there

This doggo has been to this spot in the kitchen a hundred times before and there DEFINITELY wasn't a handsome pooch there last time.


A post shared by katja pavlovic&Rudi (@ru.di7608) on

7. This little kitty who might just have found a new friend.

She seems kinda nice, right?


A post shared by Ellen Carozza LVT (@thecatlvt) on

8. This Golden Retriever who just knows you put that dog there

Come on, admit it, you put that dog there. Now, can you get it out please?


A post shared by Sparrow the Golden (@sparrow.the.golden) on

9. These kittens who found a whole new set of siblings

These little kitties thought they were lucky enough having each other but their family just doubled and they're all delighted.


A post shared by Catnificent Cattery (@catnificentcattery) on

10. This French Bulldog who's in the mood to play

Come on doggo, come out to play!


A post shared by KYLO 🐾 (@frenchiie.kylo) on

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