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Watch: Clip of Anthony Hopkins serenading his cat is helping everyone smile again

Niblo stole the show in this video cat-happy
© anthonyhopkins - Instagram

Hollywood legend Sir Anthony Hopkins has posted a video of him serenading his pet cat, and the short clip is helping put a smile back on all our faces during this difficult time.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 23/03/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

With the UK on lockdown for the foreseeable future, people are looking for creative ways to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Spread a little joy instead

What's more, many of us have got our pets to worry about too.

But Hollywood star Sir Anthony Hopkins is doing a pretty good job of keeping himself and his furry best friend happy. He's also managed to bring a little joy into the world, which is something that's definitely in short supply at the moment.

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In the Instagram video posted last weekend, the 82-year-old plays the piano with his pet cat Niblo perched on his lap. Niblo sits patiently through the rendition, then shows his appreciation with a few deep purrs.

Like many of us, Sir Anthony is self-isolating to help fight the spread of coronavirus. Luckily, he and Niblo are helping each other through it.

Hopkins posted:

'Niblo is making sure I stay healthy and demands I entertain him in exchange...cats.'

The short clip has almost 1million views, and thousands of people have commented on the heartwarming content.

Niblo is the real A-lister

One person wrote:

'Beautiful..thank you for brightening up our day!'

It certainly put a smile back on our face. So keep these videos coming, Sir Anthony - just make sure Niblo gets another staring role.


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