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Inspiring dogs lift spirits of self-isolators

Spaniel dog stares ahead dog-serious
© Pixabay

Dogs may be the answer to keeping us happy and sane through long periods of Covid-19 self-isolation, says University of Arizona lecturer, Evan Maclean.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 22/03/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:31

With the population of Earth at various brinks of lockdown the love of dogs may be the only thing we can rely on to get us through these dark days. That's according to university lecturer Assistant Professor Evan Maclean.

Prof Maclean cites age-old research of how a dog is able to calm our senses and ease our troubles, and says the animal's ability to do this will prove invaluable in keeping us in a ‘happy place’ over the next few months.

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According to UA News, Prof Maclean said, “The company of dogs could ease negative mental health impacts as people limit social interactions to help "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of the virus.”

Dogs ‘in tune’ with human emotions

Prof Maclean also cites research on the ability of a dog to innately sense our troubled spirit and to act accordingly.

“We know dogs respond to many human emotions,” he said, “but what exactly they tune in to, and whether and how they actually understand our emotions, is still debated.

“But even if we can't be sure exactly what they understand about our emotions, as highly social animals they will be tuned into cues about how we are feeling, which may, in turn, affect their own feelings and behaviour.”

Prof Maclean adds his voice to the scientists across the globe refuting the claims of the Hong Kong health agency AFCD that dogs are likely transmitters of Covid-19.

If you are in isolation, here are a few tips on caring for your pooch: